File Rename Pro

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2013-10-30 || License: Shareware ($6.99) App Owner: st2x

File Rename Pro lets you rename a number of files quickly and easily, saving you time and effort.

Drag and drop folders and/or files from Finder onto the application icon or dock icon and you're ready to start renaming files.

Friendly, Fast and Complete
File Rename Pro aims to be the friendliest, fastest, most complete batch/bulk file renaming tool for OS X. With over 12 different rename options, it can handle most renaming tasks (and if it doesn't do what you need, just drop us an email).

Real-Time Preview and Undo Feature
File Rename Pro displays a real-time preview of the renamed files so you can confirm the changes before actually performing any renaming. You can also use the Quick Look feature to check the contents of the files you are renaming. Should you decide after a rename that you want to revert the changes, there's an undo feature.

For Digital Photographers
File Rename Pro makes it quick and easy for photographers to create detailed filenames for all their photos by adding number sequences, date information of when the photo was taken and EXIF metadata such as: width & height, aperture, ISO, focal length, F-number and shutter speed.

For Music Enthusiasts
File Rename Pro is ideal for renaming MP3 audio files. As long as the audio files contain the relevant metadata, you can standardise the names of audio files, by including information such as: title, artist, album, album artist, genre, composer, year, track number, track total, disc number, disc total, bit rate, sample rate and duration.

For Techies
For the more technical minded, File Rename Pro includes an advanced section allowing the use of powerful regular expressions for finding and replacing in filenames.

12 Powerful Rename Options
The 12 rename options outlined below make File Rename Pro a very powerful rename tool for general file renames, for renaming photos using EXIF metadata, for renaming audio files such as MP3s using the file's id tag information, and for the more technically minded powerful Regular Expression find and replace option.

This application is suitable for professionals, business users and developers alike.

Note: File Rename Pro does not support the renaming of folders.

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