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FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.

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I find FileZilla a very reliable FTP client compared to Cyberduck and Transmit. Please continue focus on being reliable.

Interface is horrible.

Please fix the link, there double hh in http://

Oh whatever "it's ugly"... pfft. Mac users are so freakin spoiled sometimes. Give up the sensibilities - it's an ftp program that actually works, and it's free.

It's momentarily only available for Leopard. Latest available version for Tiger was 3.6.x

I have managed to compile the on Tiger, but didn't manage to get back with the project owner to get it publicly available. I'll have a go at in the coming days.

This is only for Leopard now, sadly...what's the last Tiger compatible version?

Cyberduck is more pretty, but is becoming more and more unreliable.
After the last Cyberduck update I have to re-input all my connection data, and the duck works even more unreliable.
So I switched to FileZilla, which is ugly - but works fine, which is most important!!

Butt ugly. The 'intuitive interface' bit in the description is a flat out lie. But it works like no other. It's fast and will connect to anything you can throw at it. If nothing else works, this will. It's got a great engine under the hood but it's a wonder it doesn't just drop out of the frame.

Wooh, U-G-L-Y!

If there ever was an argument against cross-platform GUI toolkits, here it is. WxWidgets really doesn't fit well with Aqua. Trolltech's Qt Toolkit would have been a bit better, albeit it also stinks of that win32 look 'n feel.

With that said, Filezilla has a mature codebase, and surely is welcomed competition, against the likes of Cyberduck and commercial alternatives. It's got a face even its mother couldn't love, but it works, and it's free/libre (GPL). Going from Windows-only to cross-platform is always a winning move for eveyone.

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