Final Cut Pro

Version: 10.1 || Release Date: 2013-12-19 || License: Commercial with demo (1299 for s) App Owner: doutee

The first choice of professional editors, Final Cut Pro delivers high-performance digital nonlinear editing, native support for virtually any video format, and facility-class extensibility and interoperability. Whether you’re working solo or collaborating with a team, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before.

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7 Opinions

Final Cut Pro is the King! I find it curious that so many films are edited in FCP and then sent to an Avid for finishing. I use Final Cut Pro everyday.

This is THE reason I bought my first Mac last year.
Kicks the pants off every other editing program I've come across, including Avid Media Composer.

I taught myself Final Cut Pro 2 on a G4 running MacOS 9. As crashy and cranky as it was then, the sheer good design of the program shone through. In version 4, it really came into it's own. 5 just kicks ass.

Maybe it's because this was my first real editing system, but when I'm working it's like an extension of my hands. Whereas with Avid, I constantly have to fight it and pander to the program's archaic, modal design.

Final Cut Pro for the win! (And Express isn't half bad either.)

WHAT??? GPL???

As in, free???

ditto the better integration, Final Cut rocks! It's the only way to go if you want to be serious about your editing. It's hard to go back to iMovie after you've used Final Cut for a while.

It sure isn't GPL ;)

I am not sure what license it is, but it is a great editing program

The one and only. I can't imagine a more intuitive and convenient way to edit video on a professional level... although I've tried neither avid nor premiere, so I may not be the best judge.

One thing I'd like to see in future updates is better integration between FCP and its companion sound design application, Soundtrack.