Version: 10.8.2 || Release Date: 2012-11-20 || License: Included with OS App Owner: yonzie

Your home on the Mac, Finder gives you lots of options for locating, displaying and organizing all your files and folders. From the power of Spotlight search technology to the flexibility of customizable item views, Mac OS X Finder truly shows your Mac at a glance.

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The Finder is still at version 10.4.7 (even under OS X 10.4.10)

As a recent convert from Redmond to Cupertino, I founf the Finder clumsy and counter-intuitive after using the Windows Explorer. Path Finder and Macintosh Explorer are much easier to use IMHO. But then change can be vexing, so maybe it's just me, but I only use it to launch apps. Everything else I use the others.

<a href="">Path Finder</a> is a decent alternative for those who detest the Finder.

Is the Finder at 10.4.9? Mine's still says it's 10.4.7.

Man... after a year with Tiger's Finder I am already craving a replacement. For starters, a program that was actually good at finding things would be nice.

Finder is a legacy software. I just moved from Linux to OS X, and I can honestly say what a shame it is to see an old and outdated (and not even that functional) desktop. The OS 9 desktop had more abilities! Been using a few days and already had to delete the preferences. It was nice in linux where I used Gnome and was able to customize it to a tee. Gnome + Quartz (it'lll never happen though), that would be a dream.

Finder is a program. About this Mac shows the Operating System version.

some alternatives listed here:

Over the years, the Mac OS X Finder has gained a well-deserved reputation as the least pleasing bundled Mac OS X application. It has been called the most widely used piece of abandonware on the Mac platform. While some people like it, few love it, and many hate it.

Quoted from the original FTFFer here.

"It's not freeware if you have to pay for the OS even if the OS price is rolled into the cost of a new computer."
So you think "Commercial with demo" fits better?
Freeware is IMHO the closest match as it's free with OS X in the sense that IE and WMP is free with Windows...

"latest version should also be 10.4.7"
My finder still says 10.4.6 even though "About this Mac" says 10.4.7.

"This entry is silly."
Naw... really?

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