Version: 10.8.2 || Release Date: 2012-11-20 || License: Included with OS App Owner: yonzie

Your home on the Mac, Finder gives you lots of options for locating, displaying and organizing all your files and folders. From the power of Spotlight search technology to the flexibility of customizable item views, Mac OS X Finder truly shows your Mac at a glance.

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@thomasmeijer89 I think Finder belong here on iusethis, so that people can look for alternatives to the Finder.

Everyone uses Finder, without you can't do anything so why it's here on the list?
You only can update it through Apple Updater.

A Finder Update? I thought that came with Snow Leopard. Sure enuff, I can't "Locate Finder Download" at Apple. Sigh.

Working on Finder SIMBL plugin.

1) visor-like hotkey activation
2) tabs
3) dual-panel mode
4) prevent .DS_Store garbage

I've had enough already... moving to Path Finder.

You simply can't live without Finder.

Path Finder has tabs. And more.

Finder? I don't like seeing this listed in the Apps list. I may be an app, but it just seems out of place alongside VLC, Skype, and others.

Yes... Kamikazow is absolutely right.
Mac OS X (the operating system) and the Finder are not the same thing.
The latest version of Mac OS X Tiger is indeed 10.4.10, but the current version of the Finder is still 10.4.7.
Just do "About Finder" from the Finder menu and you'll get that information.

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