Version: 3.0.3 || Release Date: 2008-09-25 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: hirose31

- optimized build (Intel, G4, G5)
- Aqua look and feel
- and so on...

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I tried FF-lzyc

- Tabbing from one input-line of a form to another does not work!
- minor: The form-elements (input, buttons) are way to big
- After switching back to »normal« FF, the password file was empty!!
(I'm glad, I had a recent backup...)

I found on my system (MacBook, 1.83Ghz), it was constantly sucking more CPU (around 15-20% even when not doing anything, just a google page open) than other builds of firefox I've used before, and so I'm back on a build from, which I can recommend, and you can also get a build with aqua form widgets, as well as the traditional firefox ones.

Anyway, as always YMMV, so just try and see what works for you.

@conlan : It has a cooler icon for one ;) Also, I don't think the other builds use the Aqua elements (like Camino) that this build uses.

Fantastic build by the way. Very fast and looks nice as well.

How is this different from the other optimized builds? (

Very fast on Intel and all my extensions are working (ProxySwitch, Webdeveloper, FireBug, ...)

Oooo! This is zippy. Can I trust it to be the same as regular firefox users for front-end testing. I'm a bit worried about the Aqua-ish elements.

Awesome speed on intel.

Very good on the PPC, havnt really had any issues as yet.. def performs better than the normal FF and fits in much better with Mac OS X.

Think ive finally found a browser i can live with other than Safari

I have just tried the Intel version and I must say it works well. It seems faster than the "ordinary" Firefox and the Aqua elements are a nice touch. (Although not so well integrated as in Camino.)
However, there's one little problem... A few add-ons do not work. The icon of DownloadHelper doesn't even show on the toolbar. I unistalled it and reinstalled it but... no way!
Maybe this Firefox still needs some work to peform without glitches...