Version: 1.6.8 || Release Date: 2009-11-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($32) Developer: Rogue Amoeba | App Owner: rogueamoeba

Fission is a streamlined audio editor designed to get you editing in minutes, not hours. It works with MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF audio, enabling you to instantly trim and split files with no quality loss!

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Fission does one task and does it well.

Excellent user interface designed for occassional users like myself. AAC support alone is worth every cent of this application. Fission is one of those apps that really "get" Mac OS X. Rich use of interactive graphics (but no clutter), smart choice of defaults, easy to learn, obvious references to Apple's apps.

This has replaced the lovely MP3 Trimmer as my choice for losslessly editing MP3s, by virtue of its ability to remove sections of audio instead of merely trimming from the ends. The interface could do with a bit of a brushing-up, though, in my opinion. And who decided that the sections around removed audio should have fades given to them by default? Still, as I say, it's the better of the two available for this task.

Further to my last comment, the lossless editing, AAC support and discount for Audio Hijack users has won me over. I'd still like to see more features (even if that means lossy editing for certain operations that cannot be achieved losslessly) so fingers crossed for future updates.

I was excited to see an audio editor from Rogue Amoeba and seeing that it allowed for lossless editing made me think this would be a no-brainer purchase to complement the excellent Audio Hijack Pro. Sadly, it is way too "streamlined" and offers very little in the way of editing options. If they could bring the feature set into line with Audacity whilst maintaining Rogue Amoeba quality I would buy but at the moment this just doesn't do enough to justify the price. Hope to see more editing options in the future.

At last....I'm able to edit tracks with no audio loss (I previously had to convert to WAV, export to Audacity, edit, import back to iTunes, reconvert to AAC)

Very nice GUI too :thumbsup:

How the interface shows you which part of the audio you are zoomed is one of the nice touches. It may lack some of the editing tools you may need, but definetely worth the money for the file splitting feature.

Being a big Audio Hijack Pro fan, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed by Fission. It's got a great interface and makes editing sound files a lot more fun and painless than any other application I've tried. Rogue Amoeba even offers $14 off Fission for registered Audio Hijack Pro users!