Version: 5.41 || Release Date: 2008-12-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: Cloudbrain | App Owner: chris4d

FixTunes is an easy and powerful program that will fix any missing or misspelled song details, add album artwork, remove duplicates songs and organize your music.

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2 Opinions

I tried to use the app, but something must be wrong with it.

I am unsure what features 1.0 had (when this was originaly added??) Now up to version 5.3 This version worked extremely well, repairing incorrect ID3 tags, filling in missing info AND downloading artwork with acceptable accuracy. (Sometimes it finds a later released "Greatest Hits" album rather than the original release album, which I can live with in most cases.)

I have tried IEatBrainz with iTunes built in FETCHArt in the past, but this worked better - without as much input from me - PLUS, IEatBrainz (while it is a good app) had problems processing my library (over 5500 songs).

We have used both the PC and Mac versions, and both work very well.