Version: 2.0.7 || Release Date: 2011-03-05 || License: Freeware Developer: Useless Coding | App Owner: useless

A WebKit plug-in to display preview images for Flash based video services and block the rest.

Flashless prevents the automatic loading of Flash content.

• Preview video images to instantly get a glimpse of the video.
• Play videos without Flash. With Quicktime you can watch most videos much more resource friendly.
• Download videos from popular video sites. (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Blip.tv, …)
• Remove advertisements with a simple menu command.
• Watch videos on their home site.

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5 Opinions

Flashless emphasizes the video aspect of Flash on the Web. It fetches previews and plays video from popular sites on the Web without loading the Flash player; has whitelisting for use with heavily Flash-reliant domains, and blacklisting for ads.

ClickToFlash emphasizes convenience. It can distinguish and load tiny/hidden flash elements (like sIFR, for Flash fonts and the Flickr uploader) by default, and all the rest with a click; has whitelisting. The project seems to have not been moving forward much lately.

Flashless would supersede ClickToFlash in functionality if the developer implemented a preference to load the Flash player instead of loading the video on popular video sites, and another one for sIFR/tiny Flash elements.

Long-time user of ClickToFlash here. I liked this at first glance, it seemed neater and more elegant than CTF but it doesn't work with the hulu desktop player (which is flash-based) so I had to uninstall it. I did however decide to install the beta version of CTF instead of the stable version, and it's very close to this now.

Very well done browser plugin.

After using for a few hours I have the impression this plugin is better than ClicktoFlash.

-Previews are a good addition.
-Videos load nicely. ClicktoFlash many times doesn't load the video properly.

For heavily flash based websites (like nvidia.com or starcraft2.com), clicktoflash seems a better option (because you can whitelist).

Is this better than ClickToFlash?