Version: 1.2.4 || Release Date: 2012-03-03 || License: Shareware ($18.95) Developer: Red Sweater Software | App Owner: dcj

FlexTime is a versatile timer for your repetitive activities. Use it for scheduling your workday activities, dance, meditation - you name it! Construct a routine of arbitary activities and assign them custom cues of various types: play a sound, run a script, show a text message, or speak text. Even send the audio from a routine directly to iTunes!

FlexTime is fully AppleScriptable and Universal.

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Minuteur can also be used to define and playback sequences (with sounds, messages, speech).

celecorp: Some day I'd like to set up some kind of "routine repository" at my site. For the moment though, I don't really know of any sources of routines out there. I would also like to see more of what people are doing with it.

A future version will support "embedding" things like pictures, sounds and scripts right in the routine, which might make them more "tradeable" than they are now.

Daniel (Red Sweater)

Does anyone know about good web sites with more example reminders (like the implementation of Merlin Mann's interesting (and I'm sure a really useful thing for many people) sample routine, "Procrastinating Hack"?)

--> Any site with routines that are: funny/useful/weird or interesting/productivity enhancers and more routines, that you could use with FlexTime?

Would be really great if a web site like that existed — I believe in FlexTime: It is nice-looking I think, it's obviously good at being a reminder tool, an alarm clock... What are you using FlexTime for? :-)

This is a great little application to set periodic reminders. It supports messages via Growl, too.

My chiropractor asked me to put a sticky note on my monitor to remember to sit up. Instead, I set FlexTime to remind me every five minutes. Ding! Sit up. The message is shown via Growl, which I have set to remove messages after about 10 seconds. Works great!