Version: 1.9.36 || Release Date: 2013-09-26 || License: Shareware ($14.99) Developer: Eternal Storms Software | App Owner: oddysseey

manage your flickr account - the Mac way!

Share your photos with ease.
Edit, add effects, tags, titles, descriptions and even locations to your photos and videos.

Drag’n’drop simplicity.
Organize your photos and videos in photosets or goups, add items you like to your favorites.

Searcheth and thou shalt find.
Finding a particular shot has never been so easy. Either by text or by location, it is up to you!

It’s all about location.
With Google Maps integrated right into flickery, you can easily locate shots or search by location.

Go, tell it on the mountains.
Just uploaded new items? Found a great shot? Share it with iChat Theater, an eMail or twitter, right from within flickery.

Built to please.
Whether you want to view items quickly or in high-res fullscreen, flickery gives you all the options you need.

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5 Opinions

This is a nice looking feature rich piece of software, which has almost all features a flickr-software should have (what's missing is a definite button to uload pics as private. Also, the software is buggy like hell. It crashes when it comes to almost every action which goes beyond pure picture looking (say sorting to albums, changing permissions). So: there is much space for improvement, but it has the potential.

Precaching has definitely improved in current release. Much less tedious to use…

Not sure why I'm getting downvoted for legitimate complaints… The fact that it doesn't continue caching images in the background makes it incredibly slow to use… I'd actually be quite likely to use this software if this was fixed… I believe Photonic did some caching, I remember it being a much snappier piece of software. Anyway, the way flickery works right now, it simply isn't a smooth experience… Just too much waiting…

The license thing is probably less of a big deal to most, but as far as uploading goes, that is a deal-breaker in my case. But I'd still use flickery for browsing if it was just a bit more fluid and pleasant… 

Fairly nice app, with plenty of drawbacks… Icon looks like it goes with a Dashboard Widget, not a full-blown app. Wish it would start downloading the 'next' in the background - that is, the next page of images in the broader view, or the next full-size image in image view… The crinkly-paper on the Get Info view is rather distracting, in my opinion, but that's a minor quibble.

Would be nice if upload gave options for license, but I don't recall any uploader that does, so perhaps it's a limitation in the API?