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Version: || Release Date: 2014-07-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Microsoft | App Owner: mervel0us

Play wma content on your mac. Works as a Quicktime plugin.

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For Snow Leopard users, there is a beta of the new version available.

Unfortunately, Safari 3 cannot launch WMV Player without crashing any more. Flip4Mac to the rescue? -- not quite. There are still numerous .wax and .wvx files that WON'T play with Flip4Mac. Flip4Mac simply states "cannot play this file, please go to our website" (why, I don't know).
Examples are, again, Univ of Edinburgh lectures (eg Gifford Lectures), the .wvx and .wax files WILL NOT RUN in Flip4Mac......only WMV Player can play them. There are many others I've come across too that don't play in Flip4Mac.

Is there a solution?.....YES......use both. Here's how I did it:

1 Quit Safari
2 Download the latest Flip4Mac.dmg file and open it.....DO NOT INSTALL IT.
3 Instead, use Pacifist to selectively install the following components:
* the 3 QT components (export/import/advanced) into /Library/QuickTime
* the 2 internet plugins (wmv.plugin/wmvplugin.webplugin) into /Library/Internet Plug-ins
Prebindings will be auto-updated as they are transferred by pacifist.

4 Ignore the .app and the prefpane - unecessary bloat imo.....all you need is the above plugins/components

5 Download the last available WMV Player (9.0.0) from the ms website and install it.
6 navigate to /Library/Internet Plug-ins and delete the "Windows Media Plugin" file (this causes Safari to launch WMV Player - don't want that now as we have F4M installed).

7 Run Disk Utility and Repair Permissions (just in case, but should be fine anyway).

Now, we have a streamlined install where the internet side is handled by Flip4Mac and the standalone is WMV Player. If you do come across a file that won't play in Flip4Mac, it will inform you after Safari enters the page.
So double click the address bar and copy the address.
Launch WMV player and hit "Apple-U" and paste the URL......file will now play fine in the standalone WMV Player.

So a combination of both will play any .wmv/.wax/.wvx file you come across (and doing the above avoids unnecessary bloat in the form of unneeded prefpanes for instance - and by keeping the two seperate, avoids any software conflicts between the two).

Should the page here list betaversions or the official version from the author's homepage?

yeah, ok :)

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Why don't you delete this entry of Flip4Mac WMV and add these users to the more than 4000 users of the original post?
There's no need for this second entry.

That one didn't come up in AppFresh, so I thought it might be a slightly different version.

This is already listed in this website, under "Flip4Mac WMV" (with more than 4000 users).
There's no need for this second entry.

I'd happily pay $4 for a gallon of gas if ALL Windows Media Formats would die a horrible and painful public death... Die WMV! DIE!!!! Quicktime, anf Flash are all ANYONE needs.

Until then.. I'll use this helpful lil app.

It's a useful plugin, but i really wish .wmv would die...

Certain wmv files can take an age to open (over a minute). Otherwise seems to work with most stuff.

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