Fliq for Mac

Version: 2.02 || Release Date: 2009-04-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.95) Developer: Mark/Space, Inc. | App Owner: caga

Fliq is an all-in-one productivity and networking software for Mac to share notes, tasks, documents and more over a network

With Fliq for Mac, you can send, receive and do more with all the information and files you work with everyday using the applications you already know.

Share contacts from Address Book with co-workers. Choose tasks in iCal to send to others. Send photos from iPhoto. Quickly send documents and files. Exchange notes and memos. Plus, Fliq for Mac makes it possible to drag and drop files, notes and documents to others in just seconds.

Fliq for Mac: A great desktop companion for iPhone

The Mac version of Fliq works perfectly with Fliq for the iPhone, Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Docs. With the free Fliq apps for iPhone and iPod touch, you can send - to and from - all of your notes, documents, tasks, photos and more with Fliq for Mac or Fliq for Windows PC.

And Fliq for Mac works great with Fliq for the iPhone,
Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Docs - our full-featured apps for iPhone and iPod touch.

With Fliq for Mac, easily transfer notes, documents, tasks, photos, podcasts, videos and more between the iPhone, Mac, and Windows PC - wherever you need them most.

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