Version: 1.0.7 || Release Date: 2011-09-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.99) Developer: Falkor Inc. | App Owner: polygon

Flirt is a professional marketing application for Facebook. Flirt can be used as a friend and fan adder for your accounts and pages.

Flirt with Facebook, control your account, pages, groups, events and more.

You need more likes. Maybe for your band, a product, event or group. You need to quickly invite people to your event. You manage several pages or groups and need to increase the number of fans.

Then you need Flirt. The easiest way to manage the frenetic world of Facebook from your desktop. We've designed Flirt from scratch to bring you a truly new and effective solution to managing your fan pages and more.

With Flirt you can:
• Make new friends by sending friend requests, or confirming those sent to you. Familiar and easy to use search controls won't keep you waiting, you can even browse people you may already know.
• Post status updates, or post to the walls of your friends, pages, groups and events. You can even comment and like posts!
• Create, edit, and delete events you make or that you have made for your pages or groups. You can also easily respond to your event invites and peruse the status of all your events at once.
• Invite your friends, fans, whomever to your events and pages. You can even invite people who aren't yet members from your Address Book contacts.
• Use smart folders to find which of your friends like ice cream or what music they enjoy. Of course those aren't the only options, you can make very complex filtering criteria.
• Add missing contacts to Address Book.
• Send email or messages using your Facebook account, if your account supports conversations you can also attach files.
• Find out who has unfriended you.

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