Version: 3.5.3 || Release Date: 2011-01-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Flock, Inc | App Owner: d_money

The social web browser

Flock is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share media and connect to other people online. Share photos, automatically stay up-to-date with new content from your favorite sites, and search the Web with the most advanced Search Toolbar available today.

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Flock browser doesn't exist anymore. Homepage link redirects to site for Flock mobile phone app.

it's for windows?

Getting the boot. It posted a news story on my Facebook profile without notifying me. I had privacy concerns about using Flock and this only confirmed them.

Great browser, but for Mac users it doesn't work with MobileMe, which kind of kills it for a lot of us...

Ok, I was looking for a kool browser for Mac and I find it, actually I use Opera as my main browser, and today adopted Flock as my second browser, the fighting for the first place is closed ;).

I just started using this a week ago and find I'm liking it better than safari. It integrates my web accounts (well some of them). I'd recommend it for anyone who likes Firefox but likes to be a little lazy.

Flock + Asus Eee PC = All I'd ever need.

This is my main browser. Love that it's Firefox-based, so all my extensions are compatible. It also saves me the trouble of downloading external delicious and flickr apps, as well as going to WP every time I blog. A little slow, but not too noticable.

I use this for flickr upload...

It was my default browser for a while, but I switched back to safari

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