Version: 1.7.2 || Release Date: 2012-04-24 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: Extendmac, LLC | App Owner: applejustworks

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and .Mac client designed exclusively for Leopard to upload, download, and edit your files.

Flow is an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and .Mac client designed exclusively for Leopard and Snow Leopard to upload, download, and edit your files.

  • Connect to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, and iDisk servers.
  • Edit files directly on the server, in the robust internal editor, or any other editing app of your choice.
  • Copy and View URLs to your remote files instantly.
  • Use QuickLook to preview any file the Finder can.
  • Quickly Upload without interaction : When you drag a bookmark to your desktop, it becomes a droplet. When you drop files or folders on it, it’ll upload those items, and even copy their URL.

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In the end I'm back to using Transmit. That says everything to me. I wanted to like it, but... I don't like the feel of the app, I don't like the interface and I don't like its instability.


Yeah, when GridIron's Flow was introduced, I sent them an e-mail informing them about the name conflict. The markets don't really overlap all that much, so neither Steve (GridIron) or myself are all that worried.

Brian (Extendmac).


iusethis is mangling your links because it uses Textile. You may want to read this page so you can produce properly formatted links.

As for my buried comment below:

iusethis has a naughty habit of sometimes squashing url links posted in comments (especially if they're encapsulated in href tags).

But the point I was trying to make, was that there's another app in the horizon, called <b>Flow</b>.

Not that I'd personally care too much about it, seeing that they seem to serve different purposes, but at least I thought I'd post a lil heads-up about it, for anyone who might be concerned.

So here's another try, hoping iusethis will keep this url intact in this comment:


I really like the look of Flow but I just can't use an FTP app that doesn't have the two column view...any plans to add that?


If by Transmit/TextMate you mean has support for external editors, it most certainly already does have that ;-)

I don't know if Flow do it already, but if you make for this app the same Transmit/Textmate thing....that'll be awesome.

I tried it and liked it a lot. In fact, I'm considering switching to it from Transmit. t is really complex to make software this simple.

Well, since you are here, why not give all of us an invite to try out Flow?
We could help you out!

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