Version: 1.7.2 || Release Date: 2012-04-24 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: Extendmac, LLC | App Owner: applejustworks

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and .Mac client designed exclusively for Leopard to upload, download, and edit your files.

Flow is an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and .Mac client designed exclusively for Leopard and Snow Leopard to upload, download, and edit your files.

  • Connect to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, and iDisk servers.
  • Edit files directly on the server, in the robust internal editor, or any other editing app of your choice.
  • Copy and View URLs to your remote files instantly.
  • Use QuickLook to preview any file the Finder can.
  • Quickly Upload without interaction : When you drag a bookmark to your desktop, it becomes a droplet. When you drop files or folders on it, it’ll upload those items, and even copy their URL.

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This app has been re-written more times than I've had hot dinners. And the developer still can't get it right. Sure, it looks pretty, but when it comes to the actual FTP / SFTP part it just doesn't cut it for more than very casual use. Look elsewhere if you want a proper FTP/SFTP client. This isn't it.

This app has been rewritten and I find it to be very fast. It's much more simple and elegant than Transmit and Cyberduck.

It's not as stable as cyberduck or transmit. If I'd buy a ftp program it would be transmit which I tried as trial and is awesome.

The program didn't work for 2 webdav servers I use, and my support request was never answered.

With an ftp application you mainly want to upload/download files. Everything else this application has is an extra bonus. Well, as it turns out Flow just don't do the basic stuff good enough. 50% of the time (yes, really) it just inits the download and then stops. I just wish they could make Flow work with upload/download, because the less basic functions are actually really good.


You can control the page which is previewed in the right-pane by simply changing the URL. When editing the CSS file, just change the URL to the page which uses that CSS (and thus you want to display). As you save, the preview will be updated.

Whatever I try, I don't manage to edit the css while live previewing the html page (like they are showing on this screenshot http://extendmac.com/flow/images/screenshots/Editing.jpg ). Is anybody managed to do that? Every time I make a change in the CSS, the preview pane show me a "preview" of this CSS file, which basically show me the same code, but without colored syntax. This screenshot is really misleading about the capabilities of this software. What's up with the text-wrapping too? No way to uncheck soft wrap, really?

Flow does not support FTP-TLS/SSL and developer responds "no plans to implement it any time in the near future unless demand increases sharply."

The basic idea is good, but it is just so unstable and lacking features (e.g. pause, resume and sort transfers). There are lots of kinks that need to be ironed out.

If in doubt, go with Transmit, it's cheaper too!

Just updated to the latest version and there's a new bug in place of the other bugs that got fixed -- it can't save passwords for bookmarks. It's a nice software but very unstable. I switched back to Transmit.

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