Version: 5.1.4 || Release Date: 2011-03-29 || License: Shareware ($109) Developer: The Escapers | App Owner: mt_escaper

The real alternative to DreamWeaver

A powerful drag and drop Web design application, using CSS and HTML5.

Flux V lets you use easy WYSIWYG design AND hand coding, you can create a site from scratch, use a template, or import an existing site.

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And PPC-Macs?

Great application and greata support.
App get constantly better with almost one release per week

An awesome app for visually prototyping ideas and a modern and very well thought out interface. While v2 is still in beta there are definitely a lot of bugs, but it has a very bright future. I just found a discount for it on the MacUpdate promo website, so I'm off to register my copy :-)

Great program. Really helps design CSS layouts in a visual way. Lots of possibilities.

This is still just a version number increase, why give it a separate listing!!?

@iffy , you realize you can change that back in the finder in half a second, right?

just checking it out again -- it will now attempt to convert existing files to xhtml, but it didn't do a great job -- or at least it left my existing files in a form where they'd still require a lot of manual editing to get back to where they were before the conversion. maybe if I were designing a lot of new sites I'd look into this, but it still doesn't seem to handle existing sites that well.

Looks really good. As far as I know, it's the first affordable, good graphical web design app on the mac that doesn't tie you up to simplistic templates.

The humor on the website alone raises the bar for this app in my eyes. Funny stuff.

Definitely some interesting work here... very non-standard but some promising ideas. Do we really need another HTML editor?

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