Version: 1.0.2 || Release Date: 2007-07-04 || License: Freeware Developer: Gus Muller/Flying Meat Software | App Owner: rampancy

Mouse Gestures the Easy Way
Instant feedback so you know you are on the right track. Easy configuration to make your own actions.

Actions to build on
FlyGesture works a lot like Automator. You can create a single action, or chains of actions to be invoked by the simple movements of your mouse.

But wait- there's more
FlyGesture isn't a one trick pony. In addition to actions like "Open Application", FlyGesture also comes with actions to type text, call command keys, open files or folders, open websites, run Automator workflows, run custom AppleScript, and various other commands.

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3 Opinions

Thanks to the dev for freeing this :beer: I've used this for a day, and I personally find this quite limited (as a long-time gesture lover). First off, I'm used to using the right-mouse button to trigger gestures. If I configure this to do that, then it breaks my context menus universally (bad!). Forcing one to use a keyboard activator defeats the purpose of gestures and slows everything down.

Secondly, and significantly, there is no application=level support. I cannot specify specific gestures for different apps, nor exclude applications which may have their own gesture system (thus breaking their gestures system).

Thirdly, the grid system this uses is not very intuitive for me, and doesn't 'scale' (perform the same gesture with different sizes means different gesture, should be the same). slightly hitting another grid position breaks the recognition. I find this much more fragile than other gesture systems.

If these matter to you, then xGestures ($5) is an excellent alternative; it is much more powerful in it's gesture management:

Flygestures itself looks very well written and the grid display is pretty :-) My criticisms are meant constructively, and this may work well for you...

This is great. Making is a freebie is too generous to be true... wow.

But I can't help but feeling that I miss a feature to be able to scale the grid up, so that I can make larger swipes. Right now, it's a smidge too small for me, which makes it too easy to make the wrong moves.

Otherwise than that; fabulous application.

More info on Gus Muller's decision to release this as freeware here: