Flying Buttress

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2006-08-20 || License: Shareware (25.00) Developer: Brian Hill | App Owner: fractal_boy

Flying Buttress allows configuration of the firewall built-in to all Mac OS X installs. It allows for more effective protection from unauthorized users gaining access via your internet connection.

- Simple and easy interface to activate and configure your firewall's filters.
- Includes a firewall monitor window that allows you to see how frequently each filter is used.
- Includes several pre-loaded firewall filter sets.

NB: Software formerly known as BrickHouse

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2 Opinions

I use this app and is fantastic.A+

Easy to use software to configure the firewall - good for opening up ports for BitTorrent of the like, while leaving potentially malicious ports closed (and if you want, logged).

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