Version: 3.0.1 || Release Date: 2011-03-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: a_g

FolderGlance is a small Contextual Menu Plugin for the Finder. When it is installed, it allows you to control-click or right-click on folders to see and open their contents, as well as examine the contents of sub-folders down an unlimited number of levels. It also allows numerous features such as previewing and trashing items, all from the contextual menu.

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Contextual menu plugins don't work in Snow Leopard

wonderful addon to Finder, makes moving and copying files around a breeze.Highly recommended.

Now I really like this . Right clicking ( or command clicking ) on a folder allows you to browse the contents of the folder , right clicking on an application allows you to browse the contents of the application and finally right clicking on a file allows you to open that file in any installed application - with the applications being selectable from a menu . You can use this to easily open a .plist file in text edit or an MP3 in Quicktime rather than iTunes . It is much quicker to do this than it is to use 'Open with ..' Superb utility , well done .

Ug, reminds me of the windows years