Version: 5.0 || Release Date: 2014-03-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Eltima Software | App Owner: yula

Folx is a simple yet powerful download manager and torrent client for Mac OS X.

Folx is a free application that combines two functionalities - of download manager and torrent client for Mac. Folx makes downloading extremely easy: just open the page with the file to be downloaded, click the link in your browser and Folx will start the download for you. Its auto resume option comes handy when the downloading gets interrupted. You can also assign a tag or a few to the downloaded content for accurate and easy search through the downloaded files. Folx is also available as PRO version. It brings such handy features as splitting the downloads in up to 10 threads which speeds up the download process; scheduling the download tasks according to your convenience; smart speed adjustment option (download speed will be adjusted automatically whenever you need to use Internet traffic to run other applications), iTunes integration,searching the web for torrents directly from Folx and password manager.

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It's the must have app for Mac users. Thanks for the free version.

I used this successfully for about a week but the downloads were slow, so I read about how to improve the speeds. I'm in an Intel iMac using Apple Airport Extreme, and I went in and tried to open a window, and after doing so all Flox Downloads ceased to download anything but still and Download attempted in Firefox is assigned to Flox to download and nothing happens.
Very frustrating, I spent about two weeks trying to read everything I could to solve that fail# but just confused myself even more. I've given up on Flox.

This app is useful and works great. I use its free version both as torrent client and Internet downloader.

Appart from that this seems to be a great app and managed 2 downloads that failed (due to timeouts) in Camino and Safari.

Just tested Folx a little bit and I have to say, that it looks quite promissing and controleable but there are 2 things

- I liked the idea of letting my download manager also do my torrents but testing it against Transmission (with the same torrent files) showed that it is significantly slower (in short, middle and long terms). So sadly this is not an option for now.

- This seems to be an all-or-nothing application when it comes to capturing download links. You either activate the plugin and have a hard time just using the browser download manager (for example for all the small files where I don't want to go through the hassle of the import dialogue). Or you don't activate it and have to copy-paste the links to folks (for these big files I wouldn't want to do in the browser). For now I go with the second way but what I would like to see is a "Download With Folx" item in the contextual menue of my browser, so I can choose the links I want to download with Folx more quickly.


You can use option Show "New task window" when adding new download to disable window opening, or you can disable the plugin using menu Dock Icon -> Disable Folx Plugin. Hope it helps.

Folx overriding Safari's download window without offering any sort of option to deactivate this intrusive behavior is unacceptable. I got tired of chasing after its files to remove them. Don't understand either why it keeps asking for my admin password when opening it. I keep having the mental image that Folx is acting like a spoiled child, making strange demands and lacking tact and respect towards the end user.

It's too bad - there's definitely an opportunity for a powerful download manager on Mac.

Thank you to Ketidot - This helped me out. I uninstalled folx by drag-and-drop-to-trash (where is the uninstaller... is there one?). I was having a problem with Fetch FTP crashing and removing the files you listed fixed it.

Thank You!

it has a very long way to go

AWFUL APP. Scatters crap all over your system and even after the app is removed bits linger in your Input Managers and Preference and Internet Plugins folders. Beware.

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