FontExplorer X

Version: 1.2.3 || Release Date: 2008-02-11 || License: Commercial with demo (€79) Developer: Linotype | App Owner: arne

FontExplorer X sets a new standard for font management software. After several relatively sad years for all font users who were looking for a professional font manager, Linotype is pleased to fill the gap with the new FontExplorer X. Font management has never been so simple, and font sorting, font shopping and font discovery are now more fun than ever. FontExplorer X gives computer users all the font functions they could need, and lets them decide how deeply they wish to dive into various font themes.

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15 Opinions

THE way to manage fonts in OS X. simply.

As someone who's forced to support Suitcase in a work environment, this is a fantastic program. Functional, reliable and FREE. Flip the bird to Extensis and use this.

Font exporing features are useful for finding those uncommong characters in a font, especially the unicode ones you might not even be able to use a short-cut for.

Highly recommended even if you don't have high requirements for font management.

Heaps better than commercial equivalents. Faster and more stable than Suitcase :D

for the average user with more than (say) 30 fonts, this is the #1 font manager available. it's free, it's fast, it's slick, and it's 99% dependable (not perfect, but none are). unless you have specific needs that this one doesn't cover, this is THE way to go. highly recommended -- thumbs way up!

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