Version: 1.0.2 || Release Date: 2007-04-13 || License: GPL Developer: Nathaniel Gray and David Noblet | App Owner: n8gray

Users of portable Macs, how many times have you encountered this scenario? You’ve connected your laptop to a nice big monitor, you have your windows arranged for optimal creativity and productivity, then you realize that there’s a meeting in 10 minutes and you need your Mac for a presentation. Suddenly, you break out int a cold sweat, knowing that the window arrangement you spent countless hours on will be lost! (Ok, maybe no hours, but still…)

Fear Not

Thanks to Forget-Me-Not™, you need not worry! Forget-Me-Not® will remember your window positions for you! Forget-Me-Not© will save your window sizes! Forget-Me-Not¼ will restore everything for you when you re-connect your monitor!

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4 Opinions

> Surely there must be some replacement for it?

Meet "Stay" (! Somebody should create an IUT entry for this.

This doesn't work on Leopard.

Surely there must be some replacement for it?

The download link has been fixed. Thanks for pointing out the problem!

The download link for this goes to another site, with a different app called ForgetMeNot for remembering Safari tabs. The homepage link goes to the correct one, which remembers window positions when you add monitors to the equation.