Version: 4.2 || Release Date: 2008-09-10 || License: Freeware Developer: Jim Fowler | App Owner: cheepnisaroma

ForgetMeNot is a Safari plug-in which remembers the tabs and windows you have opened when you quit Safari, and reloads those same windows and tabs when you restart Safari. It also adds an "Unclose Window" command to Safari's file menu: if you close a Safari window accidentally, you can click "Unclose Window" to bring that window back. The latest release adds “Unclose Window” to Safari’s file menu; if you accidentally close a window, you can “Unclose Window” to bring the closed window back. This version also allows you to “Undo Close Tab.”

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@ purcel: it's not completely true what you said about the tabs. In Safaris preferences you can tell Glims NOT to unite all windows and tabs of the last session to a single window ;)

Glims provides almost the same functionality and much more, also for free. Glims restores all tabs into a single window, so it's not quite the same, but the search completion and other enhancements give it the edge for me.

to get it working with Leopard this post will help

The icon here is from the other Forget-Me-Not, which remembers your window locations across screen reconfigurations.

It's just been updated to v.4.0 for Safari 3 beta!

like this plugin, but safari 3b breaks it. will keep my eyes peeled for an update.

This (and "dragging tabs into new positions") is exactly why I used to pay for Saft.

I'm not crazy about it reloading my previous sessions every time I open Safari, but as of right now it's the best solution that I know of for when I accidentally hit Cmd-Q instead of Cmd-W. It is nice for when you accidentally close a tab, though.