Version: 2.6.1 || Release Date: 2014-04-03 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: BinaryNights | App Owner: forkmanager

Powerful file manager: FTP, WebDAV, S3, Bluetooth, more.

ForkLift is a powerful file manager and ferociously fast FTP client clothed in a clean and versatile UI that offers the combination of absolute simplicity and raw power expected from a well-executed Mac software.

ForkLift will connect to any remote server FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, the SMB, NIS and AFP shares on your local network, or your Bluetooth mobile phone- pretty much anything you can plug into or hook up to a Mac. ForkLift also carries a complete toolbox for managing your files, including Folder Synchronization, Batch Renaming, Archive handling, Application deleter, editing files over remote connections and many more. All these power features are packaged into a Finder-like, dual-pane interface that delivers superior workflow while remaining absolutely familiar to use, along with QuickLook, Spotlight search and all.

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Amazon S3 support rules (it is the cheapest backup service available).
With each release this gets closer being the ultimate file manager app.

@arglborps: It is nonsense to compare this app to NC just because it uses the dual pane paradigm.

It' so cooool~!!
My 'Path Finder' is in trash now..:)

Will cost $29.95 once out of beta, according to the company blog:

Keeps getting better and better. Spring loaded folders! Yay!

This is a very promising app indeed. I don't like Path Finder as it is not dual pane. For a first beta, ForkLift looks very promising, though it is currently quite spartan feature wise. muCommander is the best alternative, though its cross-platformness means it is not very "OS X"...

I was always looking for this kind of application and at first glance Forklift seems to be a gem. It is way too much different to be comparable to Path finder.

I've never been much of a fan of PathFinder. I used it for a bit but it seemed very slow and bloated to me. I don't need a swiss army knife in my file manager. Looks like ForkLift has just enough features to be useful and it's pretty fast.

Much faster than Path finder and has FTP/SFTP support and the dual panel view can be very powerfull in some situations.
I started using it...

though Path Finder is more powerful, as long as ForkLift doesn't crash as frequently as Path Finder, it will probably become my default file manager.

Some other features found in Path FInder might be nice, like certain view extras (grid lines, alternating colors per line) and some "Shelf" like features--but maybe that's why Path Finder crashes all the time :P

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