Version: 2.4.4 || Release Date: 2008-01-03 || License: Shareware (14,99 $) App Owner: est2000

If you want to transcode MPEG formats on MacOS X,
it probably doesn't get any easier than this

Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus supports transcoding DVDs or DVD-Folders to common MPEG formats such as VCD,SVCD and CVD...with the added ability to use the chapter marks from the DVD, automatically... even across mulitple output disks. Nothing to "just works".

Or convert just the "good part" with the Custom Chapter Range option.
Your output can also be saved, ready-to-use with the Sizzle DVD authoring suite. Add buttons, custom menu's and chapter markers.

Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus is a Cocoa App, and is multithreaded to insure smooth operation, superior multitasking and faster encoding...without terminals popping up all over the place.

Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus was created to give you a full-featured easy to use DVD to MPG format (VCD,SVCD,CVD,DVD...including Sizzle output) transcoding utility. If you have used forty-two before then you are familiar with the ease of use. Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus takes this to the highest level in every area with even more improvements, easier to use, updated engines and new output formats...with less clicking and adjusting than before!

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Sorry, lousy support. I contacted the developer several times for sending me a new license code, as it is based on a time stamp. Never heard back. So, I can't use it anymore!