Version: 3.7.3 || Release Date: 2010-03-28 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Jean-Francois Moy | App Owner: knuckles

Fraise is an open-source lightweight but very efficient and powerful text editor for Mac OS X 10.6 based on Smultron, originally developed by Peter Borg. It allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time and provides numerous functions to work faster and with more efficiently.

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Used smultron all the time to quickly edit some files, now i have to start Espresso all the time, wich is taking much longer

Too bad it doesn't support 10.5 :(

Great application, great developper… Vive Fraise !

YESSSS!!! Great to see, that my Smultron (yeah I know) is being actively developed again.

Looking forward to new releases.

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