Version: 3.7.3 || Release Date: 2010-03-28 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Jean-Francois Moy | App Owner: knuckles

Fraise is an open-source lightweight but very efficient and powerful text editor for Mac OS X 10.6 based on Smultron, originally developed by Peter Borg. It allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time and provides numerous functions to work faster and with more efficiently.

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Smultron is being developed again. Snow Leopard version released.

@a2co - Maybe Textmate is the answer if you have money. If you don't, Fraise is certainly one of the best options out there.

using it since I was a Smultron user since I got my 1st mac in 2006

I've gone back to Smultron and BBEdit. I had some regression issues with Fraise, including strange resizing of the window, and issues with live editing through Transmit. Still hoping to see the project continue, and will try it again when there is a new version.

@brh i actually really liked smulton.. thus the excitement. regarding some other open source alternative, i have yet to find one that does what i want like smultron did. nice try, though.

@bikefridaywalter - As a fellow vim user, I don't think you genuinely had any intent to switch to this anyway! Who, satisfied with a command-based, modal text editor is going to switch to a GUI-driven, modeless editor except, oh wait! It's 10.6 only! If you really wanted a GUI-driven, modeless editor… Well, there are plenty of others out there, you'd already be using one!

Plugin support is already being discussed, and hopefully this will branch out to better syntax definition support as well…

I'll try to say something constructive here - I, too, am a MacVim user, and while I doubt I would ever switch to a modeless, GUI-driven editor like Fraise, I always check out the new players. Smultron is, of course, an old player, but was always a solid offering - the day development ceased was a sad day for Mac users. But now a new day has come, Fraise seems to be in competent hands, and hopefully development will stay on track for one of the best free editors for the Mac.

i was so excited.. until i saw the 10.6 requirement. oh well, macvim it is.

Amazing! So glad someone picked this up and using the french name for Strawberry is adorable! You also switched the icon back to an older one that I was sad to see leave when Peter changed it back in the day.

Several important bugs seem to have been fixed in the current version compared to the latest Smultron, namely "View document in seperate window" and the whole split window system, both of which were completely broken for me in Smultron (I just learned to live without them).

I'll keep using NetBeans IDE for PHP cause its so insanely powerful, but I'm very glad to see that Fraise will be there to take care of little files that come up now and then.

* Add ; at end of current line with CMD+; (see textmate for an example, its so useful).
* Autocomplete quotes similar to braces (' and ")

great to see smultron/fraise find a new home.

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