Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2013-06-26 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: Michael Gobel | App Owner: bromr

Simple. Uncluttered. Sophisticated. iCloud* enabled. Retina-aware.

"Less is more", as minimalist architect Mies van der Rohe says.

Not only is this aphorism true in architecture,
it’s true in writing as well.

No mess, no fuss

With Free,
you don’t need to worry about the glitz and glamour of eye-candy filling your screen,
meaning less clutter, less distractions, and less troubles;
Free’s integrated automated environment helps you focus almost automatically on writing.
Free helps you get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

No man is an island

Not even the best poet.
Since we write to be widely read and understood,
Free’s multi-format file support makes it easy to exchange files with the outside world.
Free inherently has read/write support to common and prevalent file formats like Word.

Supercharged Typewriter

Unlike most word processors,
Free stands apart from the rest with its user-friendly interface.
Without the burdens of superfluous features common in other softwares,
Free truly turns your Mac into a supercharged typewriter.
Because in the end - it is all about the words. Your words. Nothing else.

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