Freeway Pro

Version: 5.6.4 || Release Date: 2011-07-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($229) Developer: Softpress Systems Ltd | App Owner: joe_b

Freeway Pro is an easy-to-use web design application with complete creative freedom. You have total control over your designs, whether you start from scratch, or from one of its professionally designed website, HTML email, or presentation templates.

Freeway Pro is more advanced than our entry-level application, Freeway Express. Design using CSS layouts, create and edit CSS styles and extend functionality with hundreds of available plug-ins.

Most importantly, you can do all this without having to learn or write any code.

Use the download link above to try Freeway Pro for 30 days.

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6 Opinions

yup, it's great. easy to use and always get the result I want. Looking forward to 5.

Excellent support!

Very good software; intuitive and adaptable. Also has an excellent forum,

I used to use Freeway 3 and it did the job well but Freeway 4 is simply great! Way ahead of the template-driven site builders but just as easy to use.

Simply the best and easiest way for non-coders to design and upload a website (but you have to be on a Mac). If you know Quark or InDesign you can get a website up and running in a day, easy. And yet, it's powerful enough for professional Web designers to go nuts with all the bells and whistles they can conjure. I echo the comment above about support. Softpress gives you fast, personal responses and the user forums are absolutely the best.

Used the software for nearly 5 years. It's always done exactly what is said on the box, and a lot more.
Great support and community.