Version: 1.2.1 || Release Date: 2007-08-01 || License: Commercial with demo (USD 14.95) Developer: The Iconfactory and ARTIS Software | App Owner: mcgpp

A fast-paced, addictive game that makes Tetris look like child's play.

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7 Opinions

I'll add my voice to the chorus. Fastest registration I've ever done. Simple to learn, but it will take a lifetime to master!

this is indeed a great game. lovingly designed, nice sound-effects, cool graphics, awesome idea.
Insanely great.

Agree with earlier comments - this is a nice little game that can get you into the zone.

Note, though, that the $15 price listed at time of writing only gives 6 months access to the online scores. It is a further $10 to extend for another year, or $25 to get the "Frenzic Guru Bundle" with lifetime access to the site.

Great game! I registered this game and now i'm hooked!

This is such a cool game, I'm almost scared to register it as it is something that already have me really hooked.

It is quite cool, not sure if I'm up for paying for it, but the demo might win me over yet. It is very pretty and fun...

I just evaluated this game and I am saying this:


This is really THE smartest game invention I've seen for a very long time now. Finally, a true competitor worthy enough of being compared with the game of the games (in this genre); Bejeweled 2 (the Palm pilot version, not the computer version of Bejeweled 2, which wasn't that great).

Frenzic has this unique kind magic to it, that will make anyone who touches this game, become spellbound a minor eternity.

And the online highscore system (community?) and the product's website are very polished and good looking (no wonder, since Iconfactory are involved in this).