Front Row

Version: 2.1.7 || Release Date: 2009-03-11 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple Inc. | App Owner: lostinmysphere

The full-screen Front Row media experience — with its intuitive menus, large text, and brilliant graphics — lets you browse the music, photos, and videos on your Mac mini as easily as you browse music on your iPod. The Apple Remote lets you enjoy your media from anywhere in the room, from your desk chair to favorite sofa. Front Row can even play music, photos, and videos saved on other computers in the house, thanks to Bonjour instant networking. So gather your friends and dazzle them with a slideshow of your vacation pics, a home movie, your latest playlist, or a DVD.

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5 Opinions

I tried Front Row, XMBC, Plex and Boxee.

Front Row is the best by far IMO. Has the best user interface (prettier and easiest to use) and it's not a resource hog (high cpu use).

I use it specially for my songs (+6.000 nicely organized). With my macbook + apple remote + airport express = I can play my music library nicely without cables for many, many hours.

A beautiful media player that comes bundled with Mac OS X.

Just asking, but why is it "Commercial with demo"?

Surely it's just a bundled application with Mac OS X

Nice app, but I don't use it, subtitles are not working in front row, while they are supported by any other soft...

lets admit it, this is basically media center edition mode for macs.

Now i have used the windows edition and i must say that while it does look and work well that is only on the most expensive of hardware.

Even on my older macs Front Row looks and works as advertised.

Just another thing that mac does better as soon as they try.