Version: 2.0.14 || Release Date: 2013-06-03 || License: Freeware Developer: fruux | App Owner: fruux

fruux takes care of your contacts, calendars and more so you don't have to.

fruux is a free service that takes care of your contacts, calendars and more so you don't have to. Never manually copy contacts and calenders between your devices again!

It also supports calendar sharing. That allows you to invite your family, friends or co-workers into an existing calendar and set individual permissions (read-only or read/write) for each person you are sharing a calendar with.

The new fruux is based on open standards and is no longer a Mac-only application. fruux from now-on also does a great job syncing contacts, calendars and tasks on iOS, Thunderbird, Evolution, Android (with a plugin) and other clients if they support the 'CalDAV' or 'CardDAV' standard.

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Works flawlessly.
And yes: Support is great!!!
Can't wait for the iOS app!

Keep going.

Re: govorun, alper:
Maybe the comment was burried because it's not accurate.
I am using fruux since public beta v0.6 on a system with russian primary language and never had any problems. fruux is very popular in russia, check:
And the fruux support is really blazing fast - they reply even when they should be asleep in their timezone!

Re:govorun You should do some further research before condemning a comment because it's not in English. A Google translation, although rough, shows it's of interest to Russian users:
"Contacts with the Russians is not working. Demolishes the address book, bookmarks and calendars. Neither version is not accepted zasinhronizirovat two companies, the first all OK6 a mistake at the second reading."

The best freeware application i've used for a long time. Pure MacOS style, simple and DO what it's says. That's why i've helped the team with a translation.
Must test it ;-)

I'm not entirely sure how their system works, but it does involve cloud-computing so yes, your stuff is somehow stored on some server somewhere.
I've had a great experience with this app. It is so easy to setup: click install...sign up for a free account within the pref pane...check always keep syncronized...repeat for all your computers...enjoy syncronization

С русскими контактами не работает. Сносит адресную книгу, закладки и все календари. Ни одна версия не согласилась засинхронизировать два компа, На первом все ОК6 а на втором ошибка чтения.

Does anyone know if they store your stuff on their servers like MobileMe does or do they only sync between macs that are turned on? How does the versioning work? Is it usable, automatized?