Version: 2.7.6 || Release Date: 2010-08-02 || License: Freeware Developer: Robert Pointon | App Owner: davy

Graphically observe filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight. One example of use could be to determine what files are changed via software installation, preferences, etc...

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7 Opinions

Like it a lot. Very useful (..if you are a bit of a geek). Much like "Filemon" that I use a lot in Windows.

A great troubleshooting utility. As well as a wonderful ghetto-forensics tool. Thank you!

Oh my God, I have wanted this application to exist for as long as I have been using a computer.

Nice application, but very nagware.

Really interesting App - a lovely visualisation of your file system activity in real time.

Quite fascinating to watch. For some reason. Makes you realize all that happens in the background everytime you open a file requester or whatever.

Great stuff!