Version: 1.4.2 || Release Date: 2008-10-15 || License: Freeware App Owner: speedyb

Small application which makes it possible to listen easily and quickly Web-radio stations.

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Pausing live radio is nice too. It would be even better if you could fast forward and rewind? in the live radio buffer, like you can with EyeTV.

The record feature can be very useful. (Faster to activate than launch Audio Hijack for instance.)

@ enjourni:
Works perfectly here. No crash.

Crashes in snow leopard.

Version 1.4.4 doesn't open in 10.4.11 - is it no longer compatible for OS previous to Leopard? Tried both DL versions direct from the Developer's site too. Shame, was a great little app.

Pity, Growl stuff doesn't work for me, in this version of FStream (Growl, in other applications work properly, and I have been troubleshooting my Growl settings for FStream as well).

And it does AAC live strreams as well!!!

FStream is simply amazing. Not only is it tiny and elegant, but it's just about the only OS X player which can do Ogg Vorbis streams properly.

Fantastic - small, efficient and filled with features. If you listen to internet radio, you really should check this out.

Takes so little space on the desktop and does so well what's supposed to do.
It's easy to configure and easier to use.
Great application!

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