G-Ear Player

Version: 1.6.10 || Release Date: 2014-03-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($3.99) Developer: Zsolt Szatmari | App Owner: hachepunto

G-Ear lets you connect to your existing Google Play (also known as Google Music) account and listen to your favorite music without confining yourself to a web browser. The app's interface aims to be simple and intuitive, just does what it has to. So don't hesitate, go on and try!

Google Music is a free service that lets you put your collection into the cloud and listen to your songs anytime, anywhere, without having to carry them on your device.

We appreciate every feature request, so feel free to write your opinion to us. Please drop an email if you encounter any bugs, we are eager to give you perfect experience.

- full Google Music All Access* support
- create, play, and delete radios based on song, artist, or album
- can add All Access songs to Library
- gapless playback
- Last.fm scrobbling
- post currently played song via Twitter or Facebook (Mountain Lion only)
- fully Retina compatible
- "Modern Dark" and "Cocoa" visual themes
- Graphic Equalizer
- Select Audio Output device (including AirPlay on Mountain Lion or better)

- playlist support (editing and manipulation)
- album-, artist- and genre views
- edit song metadata
- compatible with Nicecast
- automatic download of album art from Last.fm
- delete songs from Library
- post songs to Notification Center (Mountain Lion only)
- 'instant mixes' (accessible by clicking on brain icon in song's row)
- Previous, Play, and Next buttons in OS X status bar (can be turned off in settings if not desired)
- Apple keyboard Previous, Play and Next buttons (may require external preference pane**). G-Ear itself can also be launched if it's not running.
- Apple Remote support (requires external preference pane, and please note that Apple Remote is a physical remote, not to be confused with the iOS app called 'Remote')
- rate your songs
- auto playlists (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Recently Added, the meaning of the latter is configurable)
- pause playback if Mac goes to sleep
- pause/play song by pressing Space
- filter your songs
- shuffle, repeat
- full screen support
- 2-factor authentication is supported
- display album art for currently played song
- can sit in status bar instead of Dock

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