Version: 2.0.9 || Release Date: 2011-02-14 || License: Freeware Developer: iwascoding | App Owner: lluuaapp

Mac-Like eBay search

Finally an application that employs the Mac's user interface to help you find and purchases items on eBay.

GarageBuy is free

You will be able to download GarageBuy for free. All that's required is an eBay account and a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Place Bids and Purchase Items directly from within GarageBuy

When you are bidding on an auction that has reached it's final phase, GarageBuy will update the current bid including the highest bidder's name every few seconds automatically. That means you don't need to hit your browser's reload button until your thumbs bleed.

First Mac desktop application officially certified by eBay for bidding

GarageBuy is the first Mac desktop application officially certified by eBay for bidding and purchasing items on it's auctioning platform.

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4 Opinions

With the latest update from this week GarageBuy is great! It's much faster and seems to not hog my system like before. I won a very nice sofa via this app! Nice work!

How safe is this? Does any information get passed back to the developers? It seems great but I just want to be sure that it's not going to come back to bite me somehow.

i agree with donut2d in just about every way. i sent an email to the developer about making it possible to create a new window to view the auction in.

it's a great app to keep up on items you regularly search for, i find myself checking several times a day on a half dozen different items, its easy to do that with this app.

Seems really cool. Needs a bit more time too mature. Nice interface, if a bit slow. Not enough space is allowed for viewing the auctions. It would be nice to have an option to just view the auction list and a double-click or something would bring up another window with more auction information instead of splitting the view. Another thing that would help is if the items in the list would be condensed. While it's nice to have four photos with each item, I don't think people are too worried about that right away. Probably will just keep this on my computer until I need eBay. Much prettier than the website. Great job!