Version: 6.0.6 || Release Date: 2010-09-06 || License: Shareware ($29.99) App Owner: fishnchips

Great bit of software for creating and tracking eBay auctions. Very nice templates to make your auctions look nice and professional.

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What a great product- I've done the occasional ebay auction over the years, but I've started using this and have earned a couple hundred bucks selling old items around the house- interface, usability, and incredibly professional look of the templates makes it a breeze. And, I think when you are relatively new and have low feedback scores, the professional look of the auctions helps people's confidence in what you are selling.

Never found it easier to handle eBay auctions!

Excellent program. Templates make posting a breeze and they look good too. Nice.

An iSale 3 convert here, for eBay UK users GarageSale is heads and shoulders above the competition - if only I knew that before spending $25 more on eBay clients than I needed to.

How does this compare to iSale?

I love it too. It has some fantastic templates.

This is the best ebay client I have used (on any platform). They are constantly adding new features that make ebaying easier. Very nice templates.

Excellent support from the developer!

Love this software. Lost my serial number and emailed the developer. He found my number and emailed back. Great developer!