Version: 0.42 || Release Date: 2006-09-22 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: gaffer

An OpenGL iTunes visualizer that displays the tracks frequency spectrum as a myriad of different fire effects.

It features a whole range of customizable options to produce some beautiful effects.

Homepage has disappeared so I have linked to an iTunes plugin website and another download site instead. Also available from versiontracker.

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I've been wanting this since I got my MBP but sadly it didn't work on Intel machines. I'm excited that now it has been updated and is a Universal Binary and works in iTunes 7. Well worth the wait. I love it.

Very nice. Runs quickly, looks purty, and has loads of options. Exactly what I want in a visualizer (on the rare occasion that I use them).

And I'm currently using it in iTunes 7, and it works. Follow the install instructions, you can't just double-click ;)

I have several plugins in ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/ and none of them load in iTunes 7. Gaslight was my favorite visualizer in itunes 6 though.

Works fine here.
Quit iTunes --> move the plugin to ~/library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins
Re-start iTunes
Works fine in iTunes 7; here's a snapshot of it working fine on mine (I use AguaT to give a slightly different look to iTunes, but it IS version 7.0):

The readme says June 7th, 2005! Does this even work with iTunes 7? It didn't show up under my visualizations menu.

Made by the guy who made CoverFlow. He has some serious talent.

All I can say is...WOW!