Version: 2.0b26 || Release Date: 2010-03-20 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Andreas Schwarz | App Owner: immaterial

gBrowser is an image browser and organizer with no annoying databases or hidden libraries. What you see in the Finder is what you see in gBrowser – except gBrowser presents you with large, beautiful thumbnails and gives you the tools to easily view and organize your images. It includes a thumbnail browser, “Drop Locations” and file marking tools to make sorting out and moving your images a snap, a powerful batch rename function with the ability to save presets, the “Image Viewer” which works much like Quicklook on single monitors, but is even more useful when opened permanently on a secondary monitor, Bookmarks for your different photo collections, free and friendly tech support, and more.

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2 Opinions

I love this browser. It works just fine on my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. I spent the longest time looking for something that would just browse my images without using a database, sort of a Mac version of XNview. This makes it easy to flip through the images I use for web development at a glance.

I wouldn't call this solid, by any means… In my opinion it's pretty flawed software. It's incredibly sluggish, even on my 8-core Pro. The UI is a little too quirky… Default options give a listing for 'Computer' or 'Pictures,' giving me a handful of clicks just to get to my Desktop. Folders enter renaming mode on the first click it seems, making it all too easy to rename things. In-browser text has a distracting drop-shadow, making everything appear blurry.

Just not worth it.