Version: v1.1.00 || Release Date: 2007-11-11 || License: Commercial with demo (Unknown) Developer: GeoIngenuity | App Owner: kentk

GeoJournal is the work of Rich Martin, who designed and developed the software. Rich, an avid technologist and Mac user, got hooked on the sport of Geocaching in Fall of 2006 when he and his son logged thier first find at a geocache within walking distance of thier house. Rich enjoyed the sport, but was very disappointed when he started looking at the applications available for the Mac to manage Geocaching activities.

The lack of good Mac applications served as the impetus for Rich to start work on what would become GeoJournal. In January 2007, Rich started playing with the idea of what he would like to see in a Geocaching application. By the end of January, he had the basic framework for a simple working application, but he decided to go forward and start implementing the features that would make GeoJournal the best Mac Geocaching application.

In February of 2007, GeoJournal reached Beta status, and Rich reached out to another avid Mac Geocacher, Nick Onken (Chimbisimo), for assistance in testing the application. Nick was beta tester #1 and was a fantastic assistant in both debugging GeoJournal and suggesting many of the great features that are in the application.

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