GeoTag Desktop

Version: 0.5.4 || Release Date: 2009-05-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Salt 'n Pepper | App Owner: benstinson

Take photos with your digital camera and tag with GPS location data collected by your iPhone.

Ever wondered how to find photos you took few years ago at the Disney World? Have you wanted to look at photos based on places you have visited, but didn't want to dig through your entire photo collection to find them? Organizing your photos by location, otherwise known as "geotagging," allows you to be able to find any photo based on the location where it was taken.

However, most digital cameras are not GPS-enabled, so location information must be added after the fact. In order to use the "Places" feature in iPhoto 09, you'd have to input location for each photo manually.

The GeoTag app for iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to capture GPS location information for digital photos that are taken with your non-GPS digital camera. Using the free software GeoTag Deskop, you can later add the captured locations to your photos so that you can upload them, already tagged, to iPhoto 09 and Flickr.

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