Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2014-01-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($1.99) Developer: Tension Software s.a.s. | App Owner: dspeake

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This app is 100% Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatible.

Geo WPS allows to track your geographic position using Mac OS X wi-fi geo-tracking and other available hardware to detect your coordinate in the best precise way via Apple core location.

Geo WPS shows your position over a zoomable map.
The map is updated live from the internet (almost all the world is mapped to a very high level) with possibility to zoom up to 18 levels.

It can work with any Mac with airport turned on and an available internet connection (using any kind of connection, not necessarily via the airport, which is required to be on just to detect the wi-fi stations around)

In some way it reassemble GPS features without a GPS (it can works only in area with mapped wi-fi signals, typically urban areas ) even when the sky is not visible
It works perfectly in closed environments if it detects mapped wi-fi stations around.

The map can be shown with the zoom level you prefer and maintaining this zoom level during position upgrade.

The map can scroll maintaining your position at the window center when you are moving (providing you are net connected, to calculate your position and show the current location map).

The map is interactive and user can drag scroll and drag zoom.

- Uses the standard Apple core location library
- Continuously updates your position showing it on a map
- Doesn't requires an established wi-fi connection, just airport turned ON to detects wi-fi around
- It can work using your wireless modem (usb key or bluetooth modem) to query for your position via internet
- Zoomable map of the world with your position
- Show any place in an interactive movable graphical map
- Works also in closed environments
- Based on a open map format

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