Version: 3.5 || Release Date: 2010-11-11 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Infusions of Grandeur | App Owner: misteregc

Gift tracking, shopping and budgeting app. Does online wish list publishing and integrates with eBay, and yahoo Shopping.

Giftory is a simple and intuitive gift tracking, shopping and budgeting application for Mac OS X that supports creation and online publishing of wish lists, as well as online shopping integration with eBay, and yahoo Shopping. It also has a free iPhone app available that lets anyone access wish lists published to a MobileMe/.Mac account.

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3 Opinions

Since my ex an I both have Macs, we're using this to let our daughter create a Christmas wish list that we can both have access to on her MobileMe account. Handy.

I love, love, love this software. I'm using it this Christmas to stay within my budget.... especially with today's economy. But I am also using it for my wedding budget. I'm able to set a budget and break it down for each expense category (The Venue, Flowers, Photography, etc)and then list the expenses and it keeps me on task. I will use it for all occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries... and especially Christmas... I can even note where I hide the gift (way cool)!!

Giftory comes in handy for keeping track of holiday shopping. I've used the freeware version for years to track what I've bought my kids as I do my Christmas shopping from August through December, so I can compare how much I've gotten each of them and keep track of the stuff I plan on getting them but haven't gotten around to yet. Then I end up using it the next year to see how much I spent on them the previous years so I can have a reasonable budget in mind.