Version: 4.2.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Eternal Storms Software | App Owner: oddysseey

GimmeSomeTune is an iTunes controller with power.

Here's an excerpt of the features it offers:
- Automatic Artwork fetching
- Automatic Lyrics fetching
- (scrobbling) support
- Hotkeys for controlling nearly every aspect of iTunes
- Apple Remote Control support
- Info-window
- Lyrics window (with editing capabilities)

A full list of features can be found on the product's website.

Starting with version 4.1, GimmeSomeTune is Leopard only. Still, version 4.0 has been updated for Tiger to establish compatibility to iTunes 7.7.x - it's available at

GimmeSomeTune is freeware, but the author greatly appreciates donations.

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30 Opinions

Is anyone else getting hardcore lag when playing song?

I love this. And the developer is very responsive and supportive. I told him that artwork and lyrics fetching didn't work, so he sent me a pre-release which fixed all my issues.
All in all, a very nice experience!!

i would LOVE to see this have a scrobbler add. Oh.. that and a more unified mini controller... cause the one thats on here is funky when i enable it with my shapeshifer on as well. thres a white box behind the previous button, and the rest are hard to see.

Since installing Safari 3 Beta and breaking my lyric and artwork widgets I started using this. I actually like it so much I moved my keyboard hotkeys from Quicksilver to GimmeSomeTunes. It would be nice it it could display on the desktop level like Cover Sutra but beyond that it's a great iTunes add-on. Especially since it launches and quits with iTunes.

I'm really starting to like this. The quick access to lyrics via the menubar is very handy. Best I've seen so far in a very crowded field of (mostly useless) iTunes add-on apps.

a truly amazing application - best on of its kind.

have you tried emptying your browser's cache? - there's where you'll get the newest version!

I can't get this update to work. Everywhere I download just has 3.5. It asks me to update again and also the menu does not show up on my menu bar.

Personally I love this app. I find that those other apps with scrolling info on the menu are distracting (constant movement on the top my screen? no thanks). For that matter, I don't really feel like waiting several seconds while the full name of the song and band scroll by. I much prefer the growl notification. And on my laptop, I don't have the screen space for something there constantly; having it hide after the song change (and being able to pull it up with hotkeys if I need to) is the best option for me. It doesn't get any more "out of the way" than that.

Sure you can do the same with separate apps for each of those functions. But as mentioned earlier, this is all of them rolled into one. And I have no idea why someone would claim this slows down/crashes itunes, I've had no problems with it at all nor have I experienced any delays (except in the cases where gimmesometune finds new artwork and updates the library, then yes there is a slight pause).

It depends on what you want, but I find this to be the most unobtrusive and useful setup.

@oddysseey LOL, no need to cry, this is merely my opinion is all :-)

Like I said, bringing up track info at the beginning of the tune on your desktop adds clutter. I have lots of stuff going on on my desktop, why do I want extra info cluttering it up?
Answer = I don't

People who do rely on growl anyway, why add another app to do it?

My iTunes runs very fast actually.
I personally don't have a problem switching to dashboard. I have quite a few widgets and find that it isn't slow at all. There must be something wrong with your computer ;) if it's that slow.

My menubar is not cluttered at all and I have the info I need ready at a glance (without having to press ANY buttons to get it).
Progs that do this are : Barquee/menuet/synergy/Dockart(via the dock)/iController/Quicktunes etc etc
This way, the info is there all the time and allows instant viewing of the info you want.
Meaning that desktop notifications aren't needed for me.

There are similarly other apps that do all these and add hotkey and artwork support in a better fashion.

I similarly don't want to argue but the truth is I personally agree with the other 3 people who don't like this app for one reason or another. If you like this one fine, no need to have a spaz attack about it. Other people may have different opinions to you-----deal with it.

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