Version: 4.2.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Eternal Storms Software | App Owner: oddysseey

GimmeSomeTune is an iTunes controller with power.

Here's an excerpt of the features it offers:
- Automatic Artwork fetching
- Automatic Lyrics fetching
- (scrobbling) support
- Hotkeys for controlling nearly every aspect of iTunes
- Apple Remote Control support
- Info-window
- Lyrics window (with editing capabilities)

A full list of features can be found on the product's website.

Starting with version 4.1, GimmeSomeTune is Leopard only. Still, version 4.0 has been updated for Tiger to establish compatibility to iTunes 7.7.x - it's available at

GimmeSomeTune is freeware, but the author greatly appreciates donations.

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30 Opinions

this never happened to me before.
it fetches covers and lyrics highly accurately. And I've got a huge library.
It doesn't slow down iTunes - why should it, it's not doing anything to it except adding lyrics and covers - and that's pretty fast (maybe iTunes 7 is in general slow on your machine)
Resources? lol.
And for the dashboard part: I don't even know where to begin. Why bring up 20 dashboard widgets? It takes WAY longer than pressing the (default) F13 button to get the info window to show. and you can fade it out with the same button... Now I don't want to argue, but that's the truth. I won't use dashboard that is MORE CLUTTERED (meaning: you can't work while reading the info) when you can have a little window show up WHILE you're working... talking bout cluttered.

Yes but the point is that there are many combo's out there that:
# Don't slow down iTunes
# Don't crash iTunes
# Use less resources
# As mentioned below, give the same functions but in "out of the way/non-clutter" areas such as dashboard or menubar

...Quite apart from the fact that this isn't very good at fetching correct artwork anyway and can screw it up too

I agree with Gaffer74, Groxx and Sincewednesday....avoid this poor app

a lot of things for something GimmeSomeTune can do all by itself. If you ask me, I'd rather have ONE utility that does all that than hundreds of em. And GimmeSomeTune is free...

Quicksilver can provide the hotkeys and notifications for you (such an essential app that you should be using this anyway ).
iController can give better visual notifications in the menubar (where it's out of the way and not cluttering up your workspace, as well as being there all the time for reference). Want to see the album cover at any point? just go into dashboard and look at AlbumArtWidget which fetches the correct artwork ...always on display but "out of the way" so you can refer to it even if you miss the beginning of the song.
All this without slowing down iTunes at all...

Stick with a combination of Clutter and SizzlinKeys. And, now that iTunes gets album artwork for you, it's nearly not needed (though clutter can find more/better ones).
SizzlinKeys is easily worth registering, though I used the free version for almost a year with ZERO complaints.

This app hopelessly slows down iTunes and screws up my artwork. Ex.: if you skip a track before gimme finishes searching for artwork, it will set the artwork for the skipped track to your new track!

Recommendation: Use GrowlTunes for track display, Quicksilver for navigation, and Corripio for searching for artwork (though still looking for something more stable for that).

Might not have the prettiest interface, but I have to agree with prinzrob. Think of this as an app that fetches album covers that comes with the ability to control iTunes even though it's minimized or in the back.

terribly hard to uninstall... the included applescript didn't work for me. post if you do/don't have the same issue.

Great program - worth using for the cover art feature alone.

From the website:

Feature 1: A beautiful, translucent floating window providing you with information about the currently playing tune.
Feature 2: Highly configurable hotkeys. For nearly every aspect of iTunes, GimmeSomeTune has got a hotkey for you. But you can control iTunes also via the status menu in the right menu bar.
Feature 3: Cover art fetching from the internet. That is right, GimmeSomeTune will get you covers from the internet and automatically adds it to iTunes. For a feature like that, you would have to pay good money, but GimmeSomeTune gives it to you for free.
Feature 4: Customization. Nearly every aspect of this application is configurable to fit your personal, individual needs.
Feature 5: A launcher daemon. This starts/quits GimmeSomeTune whenever iTunes is started/quitted.
Feature 6: iChat support. GimmeSomeTune lets you specify the Current iTunes Track status message and it sets - if you choose to - your status message to iTunes paused., whenever you pause a song in iTunes.
Feature 7: Recent Tunes - menu. Presents you with your recently played tunes and lets you replay them again.
Feature 8: A mini controller (optional too). This lets you easily and QUICKLY control iTunes.
Give this application a try and you'll find out that iTunes is just better off with it.

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