Version: 4.2.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-07 || License: Freeware Developer: Eternal Storms Software | App Owner: oddysseey

GimmeSomeTune is an iTunes controller with power.

Here's an excerpt of the features it offers:
- Automatic Artwork fetching
- Automatic Lyrics fetching
- (scrobbling) support
- Hotkeys for controlling nearly every aspect of iTunes
- Apple Remote Control support
- Info-window
- Lyrics window (with editing capabilities)

A full list of features can be found on the product's website.

Starting with version 4.1, GimmeSomeTune is Leopard only. Still, version 4.0 has been updated for Tiger to establish compatibility to iTunes 7.7.x - it's available at

GimmeSomeTune is freeware, but the author greatly appreciates donations.

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30 Opinions

No more lyrics fetching?

great app!! i love the FF and REWIND thing, very handy. it'd need a searcher; but great so far.

I wanted so much to love this... I do love how it gets the album art and lyrics (I previously had two apps for this) but I am an obsessive scrobbler and this app just wasn't scrobbling properly! So I'm back to my usual scrobbler, but keeping this for album art and lyrics.

GimmeSomeTune doesn't show the info window anymore when iTunes is the frontmost application, because the info is right there in the iTunes window anyways.
If the window doesn't show although iTunes isn't the frontmost application, please write me an eMail at

i have the same problem cleveland...

The latest version (4.1) is now good enough for me to replace GrowlTunes. I really like what GimmeSomeTune is turning into. Too bad it doesn't use Growl, though. Maybe it wouldn't be able to show song info as well as it does now. The new feature that was previously missing for me is the left or right alignment of its main window. Matthias Gansrigler, you're doing great work!

Was good. I want to love this, even donated based on its previous functionality. But lately its been substandard, failing to fetch lyrics and cover art properly. Latest glitch i've noticed is that fetched lyrics aren't being saved into the itunes file...

Like I said, was good, want to love it, hopefully there's an update on the horizon.

If you like iTunes and you're picky about your artwork and lyrics...this is the program for you. The best one of it's kind

I have a problem: It doesn't fetch lyrics (covers are OK) anymore, am I the only one to have this problem? It seems to be recent.

PS: 'Lag' comes from the insertion of lyrics and cover in the tag of played track, itunes does not know how to read a file which is 'moving' (there is only one 'lag' per file, it happens near the beggining of the track only the fisrt time the file is played).

Awesomely awesome app. The only time it doesn't fetch lyrics is when I have an obscure album categorization. Even does Japanese artists! Truly great.

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