Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2011-11-05 || License: Freeware Developer: Oleg Andreev | App Owner: sferik

Everyday git interface for human beings.

Gitbox is a Mac OS X graphical interface for Git version control system. In a single window you see branches, history and working directory status.

Everyday operations are easy: stage and unstage changes with a checkbox. Commit, pull, merge and push with a single click. Double-click a change to show a diff with

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2 Opinions

This application is now $39 but still free and fully functional for one project. Also, the link to the developer site has changed to: Current version is also 1.0 and it has a new icon (not that the previous lacked).

Another update on my prev. note about required Git version. It now ships with Git 1.7.1 built in (you can still link to your own version though). I take it this means you shouldn't have to update Git if you've got an earlier version than 1.7.1 installed.

Snazzy icon! Looks interesting, but I wonder why I can't reach its Preferences menu item, which is dimmed for me. Would like to also know if there's a way to set up something like for diffing instead of the default FileMerge.

Note: Git version 1.7.1+ required to use this app.