Version: || Release Date: 2009-09-23 || License: Freeware App Owner: showit

Gizmo5 Business is the best way to manage and save on your telecommunication needs:

Low cost calling, pay as you go no monthly fees
Buy local numbers for more than 20 countries
Administrative tools to manage account balance for all your employees
Works seamlessly with Asterisk, Yate and Freeswitch

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2 Opinions

@pope52 , lucky for you, you're wrong! Gizmo5 is the only service that is officially supported by Google Voice. That said, Gizmo5 is a SIP service… You can use any SIP software with Gizmo5. I personally hate the official Gizmo5 client for the reasons you mentioned… I've been using Telephone with Google Voice and a Gizmo5 account, and I couldn't be happier… Very clean, low-profile app… But any other SIP client will work too! (use for domain, and your full 11-digit Gizmo number for your username!)

A bit buggy and nowhere near as clean an interface as Skype. That said, it is the only client that interfaces with Google Voice, so it remains installed on my system.